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Xerocomm Audio

This site offers the audio perfectionist a cost effective alternative to the manufactured commercial HiFi audio products. We offer a wide range of amplifiers and loudspeakers with the opportunity to build a very exclusive set of audio equipment at a fraction of the cost.

We offer kits from several manufactures that include Hawk Audio, Audio Note, OddWatt, Sander Sound Systems, ERA Audio, Tentlabs and DIY HiFi Supply. While some of the designs are complicated, such as our P-12 or L3 pre-amplifiers, in general, building our kits are easy. They all include a step-by-step manual with full support from our staff if you need our help. Since we do offer some of the finest audio equipment in the world and realize not every audiophile enjoys kit assembly, we also offer professionally assembled and tested versions of every model on this site. This option allow you to choose your options and features like 99% Pure Silver Binding Posts, V-Caps, Vishay Z-Foil Resistors, Jensen 4 Pole Capacitors, Bybee Quantum Purifiers, Audio Note Tantilum Resistors and Capacitors or Silver Hook Up wire - just a small list of what is available. Finally, we also offer a few selected manufactured designs from Aurum Cantus, Jolida, Clear Audio, Marantz, Shanling, Sander Sound Systems, Kimber Kable and others. Please inquire or 707-795-0923 ext 7006 for more details.

If high efficiency Green friendly design is important, please look at the new Hawk Audio Class D Amplifiers. The Class D design from Hawk Audio is an amazing feat of engineering: efficiency coupled with a design that will meet every Audiophile's expectation. These amplifiers have impressed our staff and are sure to exceed your expectations!

One of the specialties in Hawk amplifier designs is the extreme care that has been taken with the power supplies. They use special filtering to suppress any noise or disturbances from the mains supply. The general mains often is polluted with switching signals from home appliances such as refrigerators or washing machines, but also from any industry nearby and all households in the neighborhood. For some this is the reason to apply extra mains filtering apart from the audio equipment. With Hawk amplifiers you don't have to worry about this, the problem is solved in the power supply design - nothing more to add.

Another hardly realized problem arises with class-D power circuits. This type of circuitry generates a switching signal which also may appear on the internal supply lines. And class-D does NOT suppress those, as opposite from the classical class-AB amplifiers. This switching noise interferes with the audio signal. In Hawk circuits the supply lines have extra filters, near the power circuits, suppressing effectively these oddities.

Electronic components are chosen with great care in order to ensure reliability and an extended life time for the entire circuit. Don't be amazed if an amplifier after 15 or 20 years of daily use still gives you the same musical pleasure as when it was new!

We also present you the newest loudspeaker models from Hawk Audio. Those models all have a cabinet construction made out of a circular tube. This type of construction has hardly any resonances and it has a far better spreading of the sound then angular cabinets. The filtering is done by using a so-called "series filter" having less components and this way giving a more natural, closer to the original, "image" of the recorded sound.

Combining Hawk Audio amplifiers with Hawk Audio loudspeakers will give you a more realistic feeling of being closer to the "live" presentation of music. After switching "on" and letting the music play you may well forget that you're at home instead of visiting a music or concert hall.

A good thing to realize is that enjoying recorded music at home might have a high price for the energy consumed. The Hawk class-D designs offer a technology taking into account the consequences for the environment. That's why these designs are called "green" amplifiers!

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